Drying and Curing at the Speed of Light

The adphos Group is dedicated to provide industry leading NIR (near infrared) technology.

adphos Group is a family of privately owned companies focused on the development of adphosNIR® technology which dramatically reduces the time and space required for drying and curing of water based inks, coatings and adhesives and provides quantum leaps forward in efficiencies for printers, mailers and other global customers.

adphos designs, manufactures, markets, services and supports a wide range of standard and custom solutions for our global customers for a wide variety of applications and markets including Graphic Arts, Printed Electronics and Industrial.

Products include:

  • The renowned “L-Series”, “M-Series”, “NIRWeb III/IV” adphosNIR® systems
  • Transport systems including “PBT” and “NIRLab”
  • Custom engineered and manufactured drying, curing, and transport solutions

Interested in learning more about how our technology can make your business more efficient and with prospective ROI in less than a year?

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* adphosNIR® is a trademark of adphos Innovative Technologies, GmbH

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